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There are many ways in which your car can get damaged, be it for weather causes or human action. The important thing to keep in mind is that you can always repair it and keep it looking like new, no matter what! Bring your car to a professional auto body shop and say goodbye to all the damage on it! At FX Auto Repair, our team offers a wide range of outstanding car repair services to all clients in Garland, TX and the adjoining areas! Read on to know more.

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Car Painting

Car Painting

The paint of your car can wear out just by being parked in the sun for a few hours a day or get damaged easily if you lightly hit the car's surface. With our affordable car painting services, dilapidated or chipped paint won't be a problem again for you! Our painting results won't disappoint you!
Collision Repair

Collision Repair

Car accidents are more common than one imagines, and the integrity of your car can be compromised easily even at low speeds. If, for any reason, your car was hit and you need to fix its interior and exterior structures, be sure to trust our excellent auto body collision repair solutions!
Minor Mechanic Repair

Minor Mechanic Repair

After a collision, a storm, or even a long ride with harsh conditions, your car can show signs of mechanical malfunction. If any minor mechanic repair needs to be done on it, our excellent team can handle it! Let us conduct a thorough mechanical inspection and help your car be on the road again soon!
Hail Damage Repair 

Hail Damage Repair 

If, after a hailstorm, you notice any broken glass, scratches, or even dents or bumps in your car, you should not let them affect its look! Our auto body repair experts can fix many types of hail damage on your vehicle. With our excellent service, you won't have to stare at chips, scratches, or holes in your car again!
AC Service

AC Service

Your car's AC is not a vital function, but it certainly comes in handy during hot summer days when you may find yourself stuck in traffic or when you simply have to drive a few miles under a blazing sun. Let us take care of your AC's maintenance and repair needs and make your drives much more pleasant!
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  • Hail Damage Repair
  • AC Service
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FX Auto Repair
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by Amanda R. Navarrete on FX Auto Repair
Excellent Team!

There is no professional car scratch repair work like the one this team does! They are true experts in what they do, and their results are beyond impressive. I would not let anyone else touch my car! I fully recommend them!

Why Trust Car Experts

Keeping your car in outstanding condition, even when it is exposed to damage, becomes much easier when you have professional help. A dependable car body shop can help you maintain a high resale value for your car and keep it looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.

How We Repair Your Car

Our team does professional car scratch repair and related work with meticulous care because we know that every detail counts when it comes to ensuring the flawlessness of your vehicle’s look. We always use excellent repair techniques that allow us to deliver timely and professional results!

The Areas We Can Serve

Our crew firmly believes that all vehicles can benefit from the professional attention only our auto body experts can give to them! Therefore, we like to assist as many clients as we can. Our excellent auto repair services are available in Garland, TX and all the following regions:

  • Sunnyvale Town, TX
  • Seagoville, TX
  • Addison Town, TX
  • Fate, TX
  • Highland Park Town, TX

If you are interested in booking our excellent auto body paint or repair solutions, you can contact FX Auto Repair directly to ask for further availability information. Our team is eager to make your car look like new! Give us a call now!

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